Construction of a stainless steel pool: installation and installation

Stainless steel pools are a modular system, which is based on the use of support mechanisms and panels made of stainless metal sheets. This exclusive technology allowed not only quick and successful construction of pools, but also eliminated a large number of restrictions in traditional concrete structures, repair and reconstruction of concrete bowls does not require the destruction of the existing structure. The problem is solved by installing a new stainless steel tank in the finished bowl, while the internal space of the pool is reduced slightly, by only 10-15 cm, and the walls of the old structure act as a supporting structure.
Pool maintenance is a very laborious process. On the site service here — order the work of professionals who will competently complete the task. On the site you will learn more about pool maintenance, as well as company contacts.
The pool is installed from a set of stainless steel elements manufactured at the factory; the length of the side wall module can be up to 6 meters in length. The side modules are connected by welding products directly at the installation site of this hydraulic structure. The modular design principle allows you to create a pool in the shortest possible time and without difficulty inside the finished structure.

Advantages of stainless steel pools:

Short installation time;
unlimited operational period, without deterioration of the initial appearance of the product;
perfectly smooth, gap-free surface of the bowl which, if desired, can be finished with tiles or mosaic, as well as concrete;
minimum cleaning and maintenance costs;
high elasticity of construction, resistance to soil subsidence;
the ability to perform installation, almost anywhere, even on the roof of the house or porch;
absolute water resistance of the structure, which is ensured by high-quality welds;
stainless steel has high hygienic properties (since algae and bacteria are not kept on its surface, thanks to these characteristics it is possible to reduce the amount of chemicals used to disinfect water);
any options for the size and shape of the bowl;
esthetic and effective appearance of the pool;
the possibility of reconstructing the shape and size of the product, even after prolonged use;
weather resistance;
the ability to embed any additional equipment.

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